We, the People


We, the People
We, the People

You are warmly welcome to the Mass Communication Family of Tumaini University, Dar es Salaam College (TUDARCo). You are indeed welcome to the people. This weblog is a student-self initiated project aimed at serving as, first and foremost, a bridge between our family and the rest of the Tumaini big community spread all over Tanzania and, second and of most importance, as a gesture of extending our hand to the rest of the world. It is a means of communication and relation-building. Communication and relationship is all we believe in Mass Communication.

Madam Nancy Mwendamseke, Head of Mass Communication Department
Mrs Nancy Mwendamseke, Head of Mass Communication Department and a lecturer, Research 1

Why we call ourselves ‘the People?’, you may ask. Well, we are of opinion that Mass Communication is the father of all knowledge. For us, the  whole world has got only two professions: Mass Communication and ‘Others’ and that ‘Others’ absorbs all that one can think of a profession. Therefore, we are the people, the professional, who guide others in exploring the possibilities of this world. We are above any Other profession. Too much self-applauding? No, it is all about being confident! And thanks to our head of the department, Madam Nancy Mwendamseke, who has built that confidence in us.

Miss Agnes Shijja, New Media Technology

Mass Communication, as a department, is under the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) and was only established in 2006 here in TUDARCO. We are, therefore, still a newly-baby-born in the academia. However, we have never fallen in that underdog complex; rather we have proven ourselves to be a well established, well-cultured and well organized department so far. The reason is that, these two years of being together have taught us the world of communication. Communication in general , as we have said, is what one needs for living. It is indeed one of human life necessities – along with food, shelter and air.

Mr Godwin Gondwe, Media Technologies & Broadcasting
Mr Godwin Gondwe, Introduction to Mass Communication

Subjects offered now in this profession include Introduction to Mass Communication, Mass Communication Theories, Communication for Writing, Communication Skills, Computer Application in Mass Communication, Mass Communication and Society, Photojournalism, Radio and Television Broadcasting, Mass Communication Law and Ethics, Mass Communication Research and Public Information Programmes, just to mention a few.

Mr A. M. Mdegella of Writing for Print Media & Photojournalism
Mr Mdegela A.M, Radio & TV Broadcasting

In this weblog, apart from the above mentioned areas, you are also welcome to watch our Online Television, The People TV; as well as to listen to our Online Radio, The People Radio and to enjoy our Online Photo Album, The People Gallery.

Of importance, you are asked to leave us with your Comments for it is what we believe in communication – a two way street. Without your feedback, this weblog will prove failure in no time. Assured is the fact that your comments will be treated with manner and honour, because your word is so priceless to us!

A 3rd year student, Mohammed Khelef (left) listening to one of the vulnerable children at Iringa Municipality during an interview aimed at addressing the role of the media in solving the 'street-children' problem
Conducting a Research: A former 3rd year student, Mohammed Khelef (left) listening to one of the vulnerable children at Iringa Municipality during an interview aimed at addressing the role of the media in solving the problem

We thank you in advance for visiting this weblog. As you are about to open other pages, please be reminded that the Mass Communication Family in TUDARCo is now growing higher and higher and establishing itself as not only a reputable intelligentsia of TUDARCo but also a hope for the whole country. It is a home for multicultural children of Tanzania and a sign of better future. Please come and share your hope with us here at Tumaini University Dar es Salaam College.

Karibu kwenye familia ya watu. We are the People

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